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What Does a Plastic Surgeon Website Cost?

I am asked this question nearly every day, and I love answering it!

When asked, I have no problem telling our clients exactly what we charge for our plastic surgeon website design, search engine optimization, and what I consider to be the best medical marketing solutions on the planet.

I could go on and on right now telling you how our clients dominate the search engines and gain thousands of valuable visitors to their website each month. I could tell you the exact percentage that each and every one of my client’s sites converts visitors into consultations.

I could also continue on telling you just how much money our clients gross from our services, with each and every part of my “sales pitch” increasing the value of our product, each and every word scream out to you…”Wow this is going to be way too expensive.” Don’t worry, it is not.

Lucky for you, the point of this post isn’t to inform you on how much we charge plastic surgeons for our websites. The point here to tell you how much they cost.


Let me explain…

While researching income for plastic surgeons I discovered that the median income reported by plastic surgeons last year was $270,000. 20% of plastic surgeons reported making less than $175,000 while more than 20% reported making $450,000 or more.

What does this have to do with the cost of a website?

Great question…here is the answer…hopefully this will also help me explain the true cost of a great website.

We know it to be true that nearly 71 percent of all people are looking first to the internet while searching for a cosmetic procedure and the surgeon who will perform it.

For example, if we use the top 20% of earners and divide the lowest number of $450,000 by 71% then based on statistics $319,940 of their yearly income is generated from their online marketing efforts.


On the other hand, if we take that bottom 20% and divide their income by 71% we arrive at a rounded number of $130,000.

What would you pay for a website that puts you in the top 20%?

Lets not kid ourselves, we know that the largest earners put in more hours, have a great referral base and are able to charge higher fees than so many others do. However, I am willing to bet that many of these top earners put themselves in a position for success using aggressive forms of marketing.

Since we are not kidding ourselves we have to admit that a huge difference between high income earners and low income earners has a lot to do with the way that they market. Investing in a robust, well strategized digital marketing solution can significantly increase your bottom line.

A great website combined with the best plastic surgeon seo solution can take a low income earner to the next level. It can take a mid level earner to the top. In today’s new marketplace having a great marketing plan is invaluable.

What is a bad website costing you?

So back to the subject of this article…what does a plastic surgeon website cost? There really is no way for me to give an exact answer to this question. What I do know is that for many, a poor site and lack of promotion can cost hundreds of thousands per year. Over several years it can cost millions.

Ultimately the most useful question to be asked is …what is your website costing you right now? In addition to the bill you pay your website provider yearly or monthly there are additional costs involved. I like to refer to these costs as “the hidden fees.”

Only you know exactly what net profits are lost each time someone chooses a competitor over you because they were never exposed to your website, waiting room, staff, surgical center or you.

If you are currently seeing a ten, twenty or 30% return on investment from your online marketing, great! It’s not costing you anything, unless of course you realize that you are missing out on a 500%, 800% or 1,000% return on investment.

Have more questions in regards to cost? Please email me directly at I hope this helps point you in a direction that will provide great success for the years to come!

Patrick Chavoustie
President & CEO