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The Omni Advantage is simple – we provide the services our clients want, nothing more and nothing less. Not every market is the same, not every medical practice, bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, etc. is the same. Why should online marketing companies only offer you one package without understanding your needs and desires?

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The Process of Developing a Website

If you have never had a custom website built, you may be wondering how exactly the process works and where the heck to get started. True, the process will be as unique and individualized as your website, but below are the basic components broken down to give you a strong idea of what to expect when you are expecting to build a new custom website!

Step 1:

As with anything in life, a great place to start is with what you already have. Analyzing your current website and digital presence will allow us to identify the strengths that we would like to build upon as well as the “sore spots” that need improvement. Unlike many companies, however, our analyses are done entirely by hand from one of our very skilled team members to ensure that nothing is ever automated or overlooked. Everything from SEO, to ease of layout, to site function will be taken into account and considered when planning your development project.

Step 2:

Once the analysis of your digital presence is complete our team will have a crystal clear view of where you stand currently, giving us a valuable information we need to work with during your Collaborative “Kick- off” Meeting. This meeting will be your chance to give us all the input possible before we start designing your site. In this meeting we are looking for information about how you want your website to look and feel. This creativity based meeting allows our developers to get a very precise idea of what you are envisioning for your new custom website.  We usually ask the client to come to this meeting prepared with examples of websites or website features they would like and a list of “must haves” for their new site.

  • Not the creative type? That is OK! Our team will guide clients through the creative process if necessary, presenting options and asking questions that will help us produce your first composite.

Step 3:

Now that we have the concept for your new site down we are going to create the initial Composite. This is where the process starts getting really exciting; All of our work thus far finally makes it onto the screen, and you get to see your ideas come to life! Here is an example of an initial composite for one of our lovely clients:

website development

As you can see, this composite gives our clients the ability to change, adjust and customize the site before it actually hits development. This client can take this starting point and make any changes they would like to: color, lay out, architecture, etc… Once you have had the chance to review your first composite your account executive will arrange a phone conference with you and your developers to discuss the changes that will be implemented on composite number two. On average we create 2-3 composites for our clients before they are completely satisfied and ready to give us the green light to go into the development stage.

Step 4: — The Nitty Gritty

This is where all the magic happens and Omni’s team really comes together, rolls their sleeves up, and puts a whole lot of elbow grease into your project. The hand coded development of your site (we will spare you the details, but it just know it is like writing a novel in a foreign alien language) will be underway simultaneously as your On and Off Site SEO Set Up. Having your on and off site search engine marketing fully optimized is crucial to the performance of your new website and can be complicated, technical and time consuming, but don’t worry, our team is more than qualified to handle this for your practice.

We will not try not to make you nauseous with the details that go into setting up and optimizing your search engine marketing, but here is the basic run down of what our SEO experts are doing behind the scenes for your practice:

  • Keyword Research- Most clients have a good idea of their “meat & potatoes” when it comes to keywords, but perception and reality can be very different.  Our team uses all of the tools available to us to research and compile a comprehensive list of keywords and phrases that your practice should be targeting based off of your specific industry, market and sales goals.
  • Keyword Integration- Once we have identified your target keywords we will begin integrating them into your content, pages and meta data (meta information/ data are bits of information woven through the coding of your site that communicate important details directly to the search engines).
  • Social Media Set Up- Social media plays an integral part in your rankings. Our team will set up, claim, and optimize all of the most important platforms for you like Facebook and Google+ to strengthen your off- site Search Engine Optimization.
  • Local Listings/ Directories- More than half of American medical and dental practices have incomplete or unclaimed listings, costing them millions of dollars and potential patient leads every year. Omni’s team will find, build, update, and fix your listings on 200+ local and medical/ dental platforms like Google My Business, Health Grades and Yelp, increasing your reach exponentially and making sure you are not missing out on any opportunities due to having false or no information about your practice or docs up in places your target market is looking for your services.
  • Verify all Off- Site Accounts- Many of the major social and directory platforms will ask for some sort of verification. Omni will be sure to verify all of your accounts and add any tracking codes (Pinterest, Google Analytics, etc…).
  • Press Release- Omni will write one unique press release for your company (can be a collaborative effort, or done on your behalf and approved/ edited by  your staff) announcing the launch of your new responsive, custom, easy to navigate site that you had built for your patients. Press releases are great link and SEO building opportunities. The press release is simultaneous with the launch of your new site.

Step 5:

Now that your website is just about to launch, it is time to run a Quality Control Check. Our team will crawl the entire site checking that all links, spelling, content, etc… is hooked up and functioning properly. Once we are 110% satisfied with the work we have done we will ask that a staff member from your team does the their own QC and give us the final thumbs up to launch the site.

Final Step: Site Launch

All this time your website will be staying on what we call a development URL or temporary URL. On the launch date our developers will , test the lead forms, set up your email addresses (if necessary), and finally “point” your brand new custom website at your desired URL, replacing the old site. Typically nothing is needed on your end for the site launch.


Wondering how the example composite site turned out? Click the image to check out the final product: website development




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