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Sudden Drop in Google Ranking Have You Questioning Your Medical Marketing Company?

As is often the case, a recent update to the Google Algorithm has shaken the medical marketing community.  While Google does not specifically say that an update occurred on December 13th, simply looking at the search engine results pages will show you a large fluctuation in the top 10 results for varying keywords. The SEO “MozCast”  actually states that there was more fluctuation on this day than on some of the larger well-known updates to hit in previous months.  So how did your medical practice website do?  Anytime one of these large algorithm updates hits, it’s important to hold your medical marketing company accountable for the negative impact.  While the exact targets of the most recent update are unknown, one thing is certain, many medical practices saw a sharp decline in Google ranking.

In an earlier blog, I discussed how Google updates can actually help your medical practice.  By taking a long-term approach to your medical marketing and SEO strategy, this most recent update should have been a positive for your practice.  Again, if we assume that Google is trying to deliver relevant results, the question you should be asking yourself is, “What have I done to make my medical website more relevant for my target audience?”  If you keep this in mind, staying ahead of the Google curve can be quite simple.

So why did you see your ranking fall?

Chances are, you’re probably guilty of more “black-hat SEO” techniques than you may have thought.  Now this may not be something you’re intentionally doing, but in a desire to please clients with immediate results, it’s not unheard of for medical marketing companies to use these frowned-upon techniques.  While the exact factors that go into search engine optimization are largely a mystery, Google has made no secret of the techniques that they are targeting that may deliver irrelevant and poor quality websites.  Here’s the catch… You can absolutely get away with doing them, at least for a time.  You can see your site skyrocket in ranking in a matter of weeks, but at what cost?  If I told you that I could get you ranked in the top 3 results for high-traffic keywords, but it would only last a month, would it really be worth the investment?

Omni Medical Marketing had EVERY client see improvement in ranking after December 13th


So why did Omni Medical Marketing’s Clients see such an improvement?

The answer here is really two-fold.  First, our SEO strategy has been fine-tuned specifically for medical-practices with a huge focus on quality medical website design and focused content.  This strategy has helped to grow plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, dental practices, orthodontist practices, and other medical websites.  Second, our clients moved up, when other medical practices saw sharp declines.  After all, the easiest way to move up in ranking is to have everyone else around you fall.

While every medical marketing company wants to be able to tell you that they don’t use “black-hat SEO” techniques to increase your rankings, the proof is in the results.  While Google is certainly not immune from indiscriminately lowering the rankings of quality sites, the long-term results show a dedication towards returning relevant results.  If you saw a dramatic decline in Google rankings recently, you should consider whether your medical website is prepared for the next update, or the one after that.  With hundreds of updates occurring each year, how many updates can your medical website suffer through?

What is your medical marketing strategy for 2013?

As of the writing of this blog, the world hasn’t ended.  Assuming we make it through the entire day, what is your medical marketing strategy for 2013?  If you would like to speak to one of our trained SEO professionals to see what you can do differently to avoid a sudden drop in Google ranking after the next update, give Omni Medical Marketing a call today.  Our trained SEO professionals will explain the difference between an honest medical marketing strategy, and one that will lead to long-term failure.  You can’t afford to continue to lose ranking due to Google updates, and Omni Medical Marketing has proven to have a strategy that will do just the opposite.

Call 800-549-0170 to see what Omni can do for you in 2013.