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5 Reasons Your Practice Should Use Microsite Marketing

Microsite Marketing is hardly a new concept in Search Engine Optimization, but it is one of the most underutilized tools available.  A microsite is simply a small site that is built to focus on a small part of your practice.  Most often used for specials or sales, microsites are also an effective tool to focus on one procedure you may offer at your practice.  The important thing to remember with microsites is that you are not building sites for the sake of building sites.  While there are many benefits to microsite marketing, it has to be done correctly to actually have an impact.

Many marketing firms don’t currently use this method to market a client’s practice.  If done correctly, it’s a valuable tool that we use to target a specific audience with a specific message.  Again, if done incorrectly, this can be an effective way to get yourself punished by search engines, and can be costly for a marketing firm to implement.

The 5 Major Benefits of Microsite Marketing

  • Targeted Message to a Targeted Audience:  Using plastic surgery as an example, how often does someone visit your site and have to search to find the procedure that they are interested in having?  Taking some of the more popular procedures and creating microsites can make this much simpler.  By creating a microsite dedicated to breast augmentation, you’ve made it easier for potential patients to find you and learn more about the procedure. 
  • Procedure Specific Content: Focus on the most popular procedures at your practice and write great content designed to get a potential patient’s attention.  Generally, on a main site, you have content that keeps things relatively simple and encourages people to schedule a consultation to learn more.  This is done for multiple reasons.  First to get patients in the door, but second because you don’t want to overwhelm them with information if they’re looking for a specific procedure.  Microsite Marketing allows you to speak directly to a potential patient for a specific procedure so you can be more thorough.
  • Web Presence and Authortiy: If you want to show search engines that you’re an expert on a given topic, one thing they will look for is web presence.  You essentially want to create a larger footprint online that can be easily found within a search in your area of expertise.  By creating microsites, you are expanding your reach online by giving potential patients more areas where they may find your practice.
  • Targeted URL’s Rank Much More Quickly:  Especially when it comes to Bing or Yahoo, a targeted URL can rank quickly in search engines.  For example, the domain, “” will rank quickly for any potential patient looking to have a breast augmentation done in Kansas City.  Seems simple, right?  By using targeted domains, you can get traffic to your microsites quickly through search, and redirect them to your main site for more procedures.  See updated post concerning Exact Match Domains.
  • Link Value to the Main Site: While linking from a microsite to your main site won’t be equal in value to many sites, there is still significant value in these types of backlinks. As we discussed in the post, “Medical Websites – 5 Fundamentals for Search Engine Marketing” link value is important to your online marketing plan.  Make sure to link to other credible websites that are relevant to your topic though.  Linking all links to your main site may appear as a “link farm” to Google, and you could be penalized for it.

Since microsites are smaller than full websites, they can also be inexpensive to design and develop.  Microsite Marketing creates an inexpensive way to generate new leads with focused content.  To learn more about microsite marketing, contact us today.  We’d be happy to discuss each of the above details further and to get you started on the right track to a successful online marketing campaign.

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