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The Omni Advantage is simple – we provide the services our clients want, nothing more and nothing less. Not every market is the same, not every medical practice, bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, etc. is the same. Why should online marketing companies only offer you one package without understanding your needs and desires?

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Medical Practice Responsive Design in Simple, Non-Tech Talk

Why responsive website design?

Over the last several years smartphone and tablet use has grown by amazing numbers. By the end of 2015, over 200 million people in the United States will be using smart phones. Just over half of all website traffic including medical practice traffic comes from handheld devices. I assume most of you own a smartphone, in fact I know more than half of you are using your phone to read this blog on our responsive website. While smart phones still call people and text they have become the popular convenient way to view website content. In the busy life most of us Americans live we need to multi-task, and smart phones are the No. 1 multi-tasking tool. It’s difficult to have a desktop on front of us when we are in line at the bank, stuck waiting in airports or waiting for a game or practice to begin. What about waiting in the doctor’s office? We know 70 percent of patients are using the internet to find their doctor, how many of them are now in your  waiting room, smartphone in hand, browsing the internet when their name is called?

As you know mobile devices come in all shapes in sizes. As well laptops and desktops have many size screen options, all the way from 8 inches up to 32 inch monitors. This is the exact reason your medical practice needs a responsive website and great search marketing to drive traffic to it.

Responsive websites when developed properly automatically adapt to the screen size the person is using, providing the most easy to use and read format possible.  Sometimes depending on the size of the mobile phone people are using to view a website, columns may need to become rows, the drop down menu needs to be formatted with larger font. Pictures and videos need to load in a smaller size along with videos so people see the whole picture not just a part of it. How does this all work? We simply create different layouts for different devices. Each layout is served when the website recognizes the size of the screen the user is on.

How long have responsive sites been around? Are they here to stay?

We started developing responsive websites for our plastic surgery clients over four years ago. Plastic surgeons work within an extremely competitive field. Being aggressive in nature plastic surgeons demanded the best possible website and SEO/social media solution for their practice. When we started less than a few percent of people were using smartphones and tablets to find a doctor, as mentioned above that number has grown to nearly 50%.  Within the last few years with changes in the way people find their doctor more and more practices have gone or plan to go responsive. Google has made significant algorithm changes, if you do not have a mobile friendly site people, even your own patients will not find you online. Because responsive websites adapt to the screen size of the device and not the actually make or brand of the device they will be here for some time. I would like to say responsive will be used for ten plus years however new technologies combined with people’s habits may change that.

What about a separate mobile website for my practice?

One of competitors pushed separate mobile sites for a very long time, in fact I believe they still do. A separate mobile site means you have one site for desktops and one for hand held devices. Google puts out recommendations on how sites are built to rank high. Google make it very clear, Responsive is what they recommend. We strongly discourage using a separate mobile site. It may seem tempting as it will save you some money upfront however it will cost you far greater in the future

How can I tell if my site is responsive?

We have set up a free responsive website tester, its free and simple to use you can click here, enter your site address and off you go.

Omni Medical Marketing is the pioneer in responsive medical website design and development. For a free no obligation website analysis call (720) 549-9222 or email us at