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The Omni Advantage is simple – we provide the services our clients want, nothing more and nothing less. Not every market is the same, not every medical practice, bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, etc. is the same. Why should online marketing companies only offer you one package without understanding your needs and desires?

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Cutting edge Doctors using mobile devices to become more productive?

I doubt it and here is why…

Almost every doctor, dentist, lawyer, truck driver, and stay at home mom is now connected to Twitter, Facebook, Email, Google, plus and many other web enabled feeds 24/7, through their mobile device.  While there is a purpose and at time even a need for many to be connected in these ways, I truly believe many of these “modern conveniences” have actually made our lives a lot less convenient than ever before.

I got myself in the very bad habit of checking my e-mail on my phone before I even thought of rolling out of bed in the morning. Not only would checking e-mail first-thing in the morning hijack the beginning of my day, it would waste so much time; as I seldom reply to anyone in my professional life via cell phone. Responding to a thought provoking e-mail via mobile is not only unprofessional; it also allows errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Not only that often we need to add attachments or review files stored on laptops to properly answer many of the e-mails we receive. 99% of our clients come to us for our very high level of service in both medical marketing and medical SEO. Most of the e-mails I receive are follow up e-mails to proactive e-mails I send. Often, these e-mails are looking for statistics, analytic reports, or items I need to check in with my team to answer properly. This is not something I can do from my bedroom.  With that being said, I was wasting 15-30 minutes every morning going through the dozens of e-mails I receive from 11pm till 6am.

Dont allow your time to be hijacked, touch everything only once.

I try to stick with my personal goal to touch everything only once, this includes e-mails!  If I open an e-mail at 6:05am that needs response, it most likely will have to wait until I arrive at my office. Once I get to my office, I will then need to read the e-mail again to re-familiarize myself with it before taking action. An e-mail that should have taken three minutes to read actually takes 6 if it’s not responded to the first time I touch it. If you know an e-mail requires a response or action, eliminate the habit of opening the e-mail until you are ready to take that action. For most of you, if you kept a scorecard of how many e-mails you open and don’t take action with right away, many of you would be shocked at how much time you are wasting. This wasted time can go a long way.  Use it to spend more time with family, reach out to patients though social media, or even take an extra day off per month.  Do what you wish you were doing every time you think you simply don’t have enough time.

Don’t stop there

Here in my office at Omni Medical Marketing we use the same “touch it only once” practice in everything we do. While building medical websites and providing SEO for our clients we often get interrupted with phone calls and e-mails. We do our best to pick up the phone the first time. With every phone having caller I.D. we often know what the call is about, if someone sees it’s not a priority it’s tempting to let it go to voice mail. Voice mail can be a big time waster in and of itself. You typically have to call a number, enter a password, and then listen to the message. While listening to the message you need to take notes. Usually, that voice mail needs a call back, then you leave a voice mail, only to check the phone tag voice mail they leave an hour later. What a time waster. We prefer to take a pass on the phone tag game, pick up the call, provide the solution and move on. This allows us the ability to complete the client request before getting off the phone.

This applies to so many other tasks we need to attend to. Opening a piece of mail only to add it to a “get to it later basket” doubles the amount of time needed to attend to that letter.

I could go on and on, but in the spirit of not wasting time I will stop there. The point is, touch it only once and save the time. Nights, weekends, and time with those we love are not times to waste.  Pulling the cell phone out of the pocket during dinner, knowing beforehand you are only going to look but not respond, is robbing us of the very reason we all work so hard.

Enjoy the weekend! You deserve it !

Patrick Chavoustie (303)588-8187