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Why Google Algorithm Updates are Actually Good for Your Medical Practice

Okay, so this won’t get me many friends in the SEO and Medical Marketing community, but there is no doubt that the incredible number of Google Updates in 2012 has improved the user experience.  Every time Google updates their algorithm, you may see wild and seemingly unwarranted shifts in your Google rankings.  Don’t worry, Bing and Yahoo have been busy themselves in 2012, and keeping up with the changes has caused many Medical Marketing and Medical Practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms to lose their minds.  One day, you’re ranked #1 for a target keyword, and the next day, you can’t find your business anywhere.  With adorable names like the Google Penguin Update or the Google Panda Update, can you really be all that upset?

Medical Marketing | Google Panda Update

Of course you can.  After all, losing a ranking in Google can translate to fewer visits and leads to your medical practice.  But after spending a few days pulling out my own hair trying to keep up with these large updates, one thing became clear.  The user experience when searching within Google was greatly improved.  Results were significantly more relevant to search terms, and the delivered websites actually delivered the information you were looking for.  While this is always the goal of the search engine, certain Medical Practice SEO techniques can actually hurt a search engine’s ability to return relevant results.  You may or may not have heard the term, “Black Hat SEO.”  These tactics work to get your medical practice ranked for keywords that you simply don’t deserve to be ranked for.  When these techniques are used, it becomes more difficult to find relevant information in a search.  And while the traffic to your site may increase dramatically, there’s an improved chance that someone visited your site for information inadvertently and quickly clicked away when they didn’t find what they’re looking for.  This doesn’t help anyone.

So How Do These Updates Help Your Medical Practice?

First of all, a Long-Term SEO Strategy will rarely have to deal with dramatic declines in ranking coming from an algorithm update.  In essence, you have a great ranking because you’ve earned it.  By not using these techniques, you can rank well, deserve it, and keep it.  Better yet, if your competition is using these tactics to get ranked prematurely, they’ll lose their place on the first page, making more room for you on top of Google search rankings.  Also, since the search results are more relevant, you have an increased chance of getting quality visits from visitors actually interested in your medical practice.  Getting an increase in traffic is one thing, getting quality traffic is another.

Medical Marketing Changed in 2012… For the Better

Imagine a world where your medical website can rank well in search for having quality content, a great Medical Website Design, social media popularity, PR, and website maturity.  Admittedly, some of the tactics to rank poor quality sites are still viable, but each update takes us one step closer to making this a reality.  By combining the efforts of our medical marketing team and our medical website design and development teams, we are building medical websites for the future.  By ignoring quick fixes and “Black Hat SEO” techniques of the past, we create an honest and reliable medical marketing plan that can make your medical practice website virtually immune from algorithm updates.

It is important to note that SEO is far from dead.  It’s simply changing.  Frankly, it’s becoming more difficult and requiring a more extensive background in content writing, PR, and Social Media Marketing.  The team at Omni Medical Marketing is built to meet the changing face of SEO head-on to deliver more leads from your medical practice website now, and into the future.  Change can be scary, but in this case, it can also be very good.

What Does This Mean For Medical Marketing in 2013?

Assuming the Mayans were wrong, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for Medical Marketing.  With more algorithm updates undoubtedly coming down the pipeline in 2013, the question every medical practice should ask themselves is, “Is your medical practice website ready for what’s next?”  There is no doubt that search engines will continue to work towards delivering the most relevant and beneficial material to their users, and a successful medical marketing plan involves providing just that.

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