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The Omni Advantage is simple – we provide the services our clients want, nothing more and nothing less. Not every market is the same, not every medical practice, bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, etc. is the same. Why should online marketing companies only offer you one package without understanding your needs and desires?

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How to Follow Up With an “Email Only” Lead

As many of you know, most of your potential new leads from your medical website design come in the form of an email. While most surgeons know exactly what to do if there is a phone number attached, so many miss out on the great opportunities from these “email address only leads”. The low percentage of procedures you perform from “email address only leads” can be turned to be one of your greatest sources of revenue and here is why.

Reasons You’re Not Getting Appointments Out of “Email Only Leads”

After numerous hours of research we have found that most surgeons or patient coordinators will send out one simple email response in the form of a template with no further follow up. Most assume these interested parties are nothing more than interested at the time they fill out a contact us form then change their mind, never having interest again.

This is simply not true!

We all know the majority of people electing to have cosmetic surgery turn to the internet for answers to their question. I would certainly agree that someone who provides an email address could be anywhere from six months to one year away from actually selecting a surgeon and having a procedure performed.

Since most of your competition doesn’t take long term follow up seriously you have a huge advantage over your competition. It is common for one persons to visit anywhere from 2-5 plastic surgeons website while doing their research. This means that two or three other surgeons received the same information from a potential patient that you did.

The practice that puts this particular lead on a long term action plan will be in the best position to build a lasting relationship resulting in more procedures being performed.

How to Make “Email Only Leads” One of Your Highest Sources of Revenue

Your action plan for success should include first and foremost a personalized email providing enough information to comply with the request, but not so much to not make room for questions or calls to action back to your office. Always ask questions requiring a response. Engaging people should be your top priority.

Your second outbound email should have an incentive attached to it. Give them a reason to set up a consultation and provide a phone number! This email should contain a link to your facebook page. Ask them to like you so that you increase your popularity, and your long term follow up can be done without so much heavy lifting.

Your third email should always happen within ten days of receiving the initial request. At this time it is critical to offer them an incentive to become loyal to you. A printable certificate offering a discount good for up to one year, an iTunes gift card for coming in to your office, or anything creative that you can use as a tool to build loyalty will pay off over the long term.

After the third email – back off, but don’t go away. In my opinion the only time a lead dies is when…well it’s when they actually die. Emailing a newsletter once per month will always keep you in the back of the mind of someone, keeping your business in front of them on social networks is a must, however it should never replace a well written, informative newsletter.

“Email Only” Leads are a Long Term Commitment, But it Pays Off…

In closing I want you to focus your attention to March of 2010. If you received 100 email only leads who were one year away from actually having surgery, and you kept just 50 percent of them in front of you how many additional procedures would be performed at your practice this month?

Let your competition’s weakness be your strength.

Long term loyalty offers so many benefits to you and your practice, one to point out is price. We all know price shoppers cost you procedures or net profits. Offer a higher level of service by treating your email address only leads with the highest level of value and in time they will see the value in you.

To your success!

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