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The Omni Advantage is simple – we provide the services our clients want, nothing more and nothing less. Not every market is the same, not every medical practice, bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, etc. is the same. Why should online marketing companies only offer you one package without understanding your needs and desires?

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Do it Yourself SEO for Plastic Surgery?

While every medical practice should be optimizing their website to encourage more traffic, plastic surgery related search terms remain the most difficult to rank for.  Because ranking plastic surgery websites on Google is much more difficult than other types of medical specialties, some may choose to do it on their own. Providing outstanding medical marketing solutions for our clients requires two major components, the first being knowledge, the second being hard work. Without staying on top of trends and search engine algorithm changes, our client’s competitors, and local markets, the second requirement would mean very little.

If you have more time than money and want to market your practice online here are the top blogs to keep an eye on. Some articles on these blogs/sites are certainly more valuable than others, however most of the latest information is valuable.

Google’s Blog

Working to market medical practices nationwide we need to mimic what Google tells us to do. Trying to manipulate Google will only get you in trouble. Never use any link-building platforms or software. Never sub out SEO work overseas and never buy cheap SEO services with huge promises. Stick with what Google tells you to do. The results will never be instant but they will be sustainable.

The Omni Blog

We constantly add recent content which is typically specific to medical practice SEO, social media marketing, reputation management and website design. Am I only self-promoting by recommending this blog? No, even though that is one reason we do blog. I recommend this because our blog is written specific for doctors wanting to increase their reach online in their quest to increase the amount of new patients they see. Reading what is specific to medical website marketing will benefit you greatly.

The Moz Blog

We not only subscribe to Moz’s services, we also read their blog daily. Moz is one of the most trusted SEO companies out there. While they do not offer SEO services they certainly offer a ton of great information for free. While you do need to pay for their reporting and analytics tools their blog is open for anyone to read. You won’t find anything specific to your practice however most of the information will apply to any type of medical website marketing plan.


This site is very different than Moz in that it’s much more focused on online marketing news. While there are some amazing articles that you can use to build your practice I recommend treading lightly. Not everything you read will be useful, and in my opinion some may even be harmful. Remember, always do what Google tells you to do. If it seems a bit risky or doesn’t feel right, move on.

Going it alone can often lead to lackluster results and countless hours of trial and error. Some money will be spent each month on monitoring tools such as the Moz suite, so this is something you need to factor in your decision. If you do go it alone stay on top of it every week. Remember hard work is important but making sure you know the correct actions to take will increase your chances of success.

If you know this is all way too time consuming and requires more time than you can dedicate, we would love the opportunity to earn your business and be a part of you and your practice seeing more patients for the years to come.