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Design Matters: How Professional Medical Website Design Can Increase Your Leads

Design is all around us. Good or bad, right or wrong, we experience design everyday. From the shape and functionality of a coffee cup, to the layout of a car’s dashboard, design permeates our daily lives in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Good design helps us perform routine tasks easier. Great design leaves a lasting impact that can impart radical changes in perception.

Medical Website Design is no different.

From the fields in a contact form, to the presentation of a photo gallery, there are many opportunities to incorporate great medical website design into your medical practice’s website.

4 ways design is one of your most powerful marketing tools:

  1. Design isn’t just decoration. Many people assume design is just the pretty stuff. Pictures, colors, layout and so forth. What people don’t take into account is the subjective power of design, the elements of a website that pull the viewer in and keep them engaged. Design encompasses more than just the right colors, fonts and images. It takes into consideration the process by which consumers research and purchase plastic surgery services.
  2. Your medical website should be welcoming to potential customers, providing easy-to-understand overviews of procedures, while presenting opportunities for the consumer to explore the website for more information. Videos, FAQs and before-and-after photos are excellent ways to present in-depth content and showcase your practice’s expertise and experience.
  3. Effective design empowers the user. It creates an emotional response that entices your customers to take action. This action may be something tangible, like contacting your office directly, or intangible, like bookmarking your site, eager to return as soon as possible. Design guides the site visitor from beginning to end and helps them along the way. User interface design is a large part of this important piece. Are calls-to-action well-placed and legible? Does the layout of your website present information in a logical, intuitive way? Can customers find important information and interact with the site without distractions? Give your site visitors the tools to make decisions and take action. You’ll realize increased leads and greater visibility among targeted audiences.
  4. Design should be memorable and invisible. It should leave a positive, lasting impression but not get in the way of desired outcomes. Does your website provide a clear path to lead generation? Does your website portray professionalism and top-tier medical knowledge? Referrals are an excellent lead source for any business. What would make someone refer your medical practice over another? The online experience is a key part in an overall customer experience. Most consumers are using online channels as the first choice for researching and contacting plastic surgeons. Your website will be the first interaction potential customers will have. Is your site memorable, and will this first interaction be the best possible?

Does your medical practice’s website benefit from professional website design? Are you leaving potential business at the door due to an ineffective and unappealing website?

Contact Omni Medical Marketing today for a no-obligation audit of your website and start benefitting from the power of effective medical web design today! Call Patrick at 303-588-8187