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How your practice’s website can increase or sometimes end patient loyalty

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Consumer expectations are larger than ever including consumers of service offered by your medical practice.  I used to believe there was a lack of loyalty that developed in the last ten years amongst patient after all people used to stay with their doctor until one of the two parties retired or died. To figure out to increase loyalty we need to understand what causes a lack of loyalty. Like many relationships expectations can present a ton of problems. Today’s patient’s expectations are created in part by the rest of their consumer experiences. To achieve a higher level of loyalty, we must offer a better experience, or we must convince them that the better experience has nothing to do with the rest of their consumer experience, or perhaps a bit of both.  To meet today’s user experience expectations online, we must first look at website load times. Website experience applies to not only potential patients; it applies to your current patients. Consumer decisions are often sub conscience decisions. The most successes practice are not always the practice providing the highest level of medical care however they are the ones meeting expectations, even if that expectation is only based on experience on the internet or experience driving past a billboard or one that happens to list to the radio.

Our first suggestion on increasing loyalty begins with your website.  According to Jason Cohen (Global Technical Lead at Google), 53 percent of users will leave your mobile site if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, I know what you are thinking how quickly does my medical practice website take to load, take a quick peek on google free tool “Think With Google”.

Listing all of the ways to increase load times on mobile would overwhelm or bore you to death so here are just a few critical steps that can be taken today to deliver better results and a better experience for your potential patients.

  • Work with your website designer to ensure your mobile site is built from the group up to allow for super fast loading pages.
  • Take charge and dictate to your website company what you require for speed and load times, not the other way around. If they cannot meet your needs, give us call.
  • Eliminate what is not needed for mobile. For example, most users will not be complete lengthy forms on their cell phone, give them an option to email those forms to themselves instead.

Use quality hosting. While some hosting companies may offer a great monthly or yearly price your losing tons of money every time a website visitors leave your site because of your cheap hosting.

To wrap up speed matters.  Designing and developing a world-class site for your medical practice is critical in building loyalty but remember amazing content, photos and videos mean nothing if people leave before they have load on their device.  Meet expectations and see more new patients in your practice this week.

If you would like to learn more about site load times and to see if your  patients are going to a competitor with a faster site , Contact Omni Medical Marketing today.