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The Omni Advantage is simple – we provide the services our clients want, nothing more and nothing less. Not every market is the same, not every medical practice, bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, etc. is the same. Why should online marketing companies only offer you one package without understanding your needs and desires?

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Omni Medical Marketing Announces New National Account Executives

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Centennial, CO (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Omni Medical Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of Leigha Brantley-Wilkinson and Brooke Johnson as National Account Executives. With over 10 years of combined sales experience in a number of related fields, both Leigha and Brooke bring their experience and dedication to medical sales to the team at Omni Medical Marketing. Harnessing previous sales experience along with experience in the medical field, Leigha and Brooke are poised to deliver excellent client management and business development success to the proven Medical Website Design and Medical Marketingteam at Omni.

Brooke Johnson joins the Omni Medical Marketing team having graduated from New Mexico State University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After graduating from New Mexico State University, Brooke attended the Medical Sales College to gain medical sales device certification and surgical sales experience. Since graduating from Medical Sales College, Brooke has worked closely with medical professionals, and has helped to grow practices while also being a presence in the operating room.

Leigha Brantley-Wilkinson joins Omni Medical Marketing after having received a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. Leigha’s professional career has consisted of developing a broad knowledge of business development and brand awareness with some of the largest companies in the United States. She has developed, managed, and cultivated high-level relationships, and she has been tasked with over-seeing nation-wide marketing campaigns.

“I am thrilled to announce the addition of both Brooke and Leigha to the ever-expanding team at Omni Medical Marketing,” explains CEO, Patrick Chavoustie. “I have no doubt that both Leigha and Brooke will be able to hit the ground running, and continue the success that Omni Medical Marketing has seen over the years.”

With a team focused on both Medical Website Design and Medical Practice Marketing, Omni Medical Marketing has been delivering world-class website designs for plastic surgeons, doctors, and dentists. The team at Omni Medical Marketing has over 40 years of combined experience in marketing, search engine optimization, website design, and client management. They are dedicated to delivering a high level of service to each client, regardless of the project size or need.

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June 2012 Newsletter – Google Plus, SEO, reputation management

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June 2012 Newsletter 

Omni Medical Marketing

Google has made big changes, stay informed and thrive.

Google+ is the newest social network that really matters (because it’s owned by Google), and every business in the world that cares about getting search traffic from Google had better take notice.

This is no small effort, and no half-hearted attempt at creating a social network to battle Facebook (remember Google Buzz?).  The intelligent folks at Google have finally created a social network that has the potential to be a game-changer.

For the savvy Internet Marketer, Google+ has (or will soon) become THE place to be. The integration with other Google services makes it an essential tool for businesses, and the cultivation of the social aspects offers immense potential for interacting with your patients and promoting your practice in multiple channels.

Facebook and Twitter will have their piece of the social marketing pie for the foreseeable future, but their relevance will likely be an inverse relationship with the popularity of Google+.

Based on the minor rant above, we obviously feel that Google+ is going to be important, but what are the specific reasons that we think it’s going to be essential?

5 Reasons Why Your Practice MUST rapidly adopt Google+ — Read more here

Recent survery: 67% of all cosmetic surgery patients found or researched thier doctor online before having surgery.
Omni performs no cost, no obligation medical website design and medical practice SEO analysis for all plastic surgeons at no cost! Contact us today at (800)549-0170, reply to this newsletter or email us at for your free report today.
Orlando Doctor Sues Patient

Orlando Dr. Sues Patient

Yesterday I read a story about a Doctor in Orlando that is suing a patient. This brought up many interesting questions and a few conversations with plastic surgeons late last night.

Very interesting , take a look at the story here-

Michael Giuffrida, MD

June Promotion – 10 Free Microsites!

Our microsites bring power to your main site! Not only do microsites increase rankings they also provide you with a larger piece of the online pie! For the month of June we are including ten microsites at no addtional cost with our elite medical SEO and medical website design package. Read more or contact us today for more details (800) 549-0170

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

With the amount of people doing thier homework on the internet your online reputation means everything. We love giving our readers valuable information, partnering in your roadmap to success. For great medical reputation management check out this series of blogs written by our founder and CEO by clicking here. 

Beverly Hills Institute

Featured Client of the Month!

Total keywords ranked: 321
1st page rankings: 83
Last month’s traffic: 8365
Traffic from search: 6319

” Our website traffic, SEO rankings, and consultations improved dramatically after we started working with Omni eight months ago. This significant growth has continued during the first quarter of 2012.” 

– Richard W. Fleming, MD

Richard Lesher

Employee of the Month

Richard Lesher, who manages our social media and content writing departments, without a doubt deserves this month’s award. Richard was recently promoted from Social Media Consultant to manager of each department.

A Denver native, Richard gradutated from the University of Northern Colorado with an English Degree which he uses every day while editing and managing our content writing and social media team. We’re proud of Richard and appreciate all of his hard work.

Medical Reputation Management | Step 2

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At this point, hopefully you have identified any negative reviews or comments posted about you and or your practice online. At the same time, hopefully you and your staff have identified the patients who posted each of these reviews. If you have yet to identify the individuals,  give another go at it. Most likely the same comments that were posted online were articulated to someone in your office.

I know who posted this comment, now what? 

Do your best to contact them personally. A simple phone call will work best. Ask then to go over their issue with you over the phone. If it warrants setting up an appointment to visit with them in person, make sure you are not late for this appointment and plan to spend as much time as needed to hear the patient out. Time equals love for most of us. We feel good when people are willing to spend time with us. At the least, it will show you care.

Do your best to make the situation right! 

This does not mean giving them anything for free, however it might mean giving out your cell phone for any reason they may need it. It may also mean offering them a discount on future services. We have all had terrible customer experiences. Some of these experiences only made us more frustrated, while others made us feel much better and created an environment for us to want to continue doing business with the company or individual who originally upset us. Only you know the best way to right a situation. Using your own experiences will give you a good idea of how to turn the situation around.

Ask that the review/comments be removed or that an additional comment be made. 

I would never suggest you ask a patient to remove a negative medical review right away. Give it a little time and then ask. Frame your request with “can you do me a personal favor?” Everyone loves hearing a professional ask them for a favor. It makes us feel good; like we matter, and of course your patients do matter!

I have no idea who wrote the review.

If you don’t know who wrote the review, there are two steps to take. Both are equally important.

1)      Contact the webmaster of the site.

E-mail is usually the only option. Inform them you have tried to identify the patient, however you are unable to do so. Suggest that the review or comments are from one of your competitors or a disgruntled former employee. Ask them if they are able to identify the reviewer. Mention you do not need their personal information, but rather that you only want to make sure it is a real person with a real issue.

2)     Post a rebuttal!

Posting your own comments will show other readers that you care! Make sure to be non-confrontational in your comments. Ask the person to contact you at your office so you can make the situation right and hear out their issue. If I see a negative review but see a well written thoughtful, caring rebuttal, I actually give more value to it then I would to a positive review in the first place. The value here can be tremendous! Everyone makes mistakes, lets people down, and flat out drops the ball from time to time. This we all know. What we appreciate and respect is when someone takes action to make it right!

Read More: Medical Reputation Managment | Step 1

Patrick Chavoustie


Direct: 303) 588- 8187


Medical Reputation Management | Step 1

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As promised, I am putting together a series of informative blogs on medical reputation management for any type of medical practice. Each of these blogs will be focused on very specific areas and will require action to be taken. Some of these areas will be easier than others to implement. The last blog that I will write in this series will not only be focused on cleaning up your reputation, it will also include a strategic way to build a positive online reputation, while turning a negative into a positive.

Step 1.  Find out what is being said about you and your practice.

Finding out what is being said about you and where it is being said is obviously the first step. It is best to bring in the staff to help you tackle this task that should take less than an hour. I suggest using staff, not only to save you time, but to inspire them to produce a level of service within your office that will proactively limit any future negative reviews (See step 2).

In order to make sure you are getting actual real time results, I suggest you clear your cookies and cache on each computer that will be used to search. If you have been doing searches related to your practice such as “Plastic Surgeon Orange County” or “Sports Medicine practice St. Louis,”  you may end up with the results you have recently reviewed, as opposed to the real-time results.

I suggest you use terms such as your name and every variation of it (i.e. Dr. Jones MD, Dr. Jones, Dr. David Jones, and Dr. David Jones MD). Also use the name of your practice, your phone number, and your address as key words in your searches. Run each one of these searches in Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Each of these search engines has its own algorithm and will produce different search results. Medical, Plastic Surgery and Dental SEO does not return the same results in each search engine. Bing may miss something that Yahoo picks up etc…

Once you have identified any negative reviews take note of them. In step three of this series we will start to show you how to remove them. Keep track of each by cutting and pasting the link into a Word file or an email you send to yourself.

Keep informed on what is being posted about you…but don’t pay for it!

There are many services that, for a monthly fee, will monitor what is being said about you online. As far as I am concerned this is a waste of money. For absolutely no cost, you can set up Google Alerts. While it is important to know that Google will not always return everything that is being said about you, neither will any pay-for services company that I am aware of. However, Google will pick up most, and it is an absolute must that you get going with this right away. It always eats at me when people pay for services they can receive for free.  If you are not sure how to set up these alerts, shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to show you.

Read More: Medical Reputation Management | Part 2

Patrick Chavoustie


Direct Line: (303)588-8187

Welcome to Omni Medical Marketing

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Welcome to our new blog. We have recently added this blog to act as an intermediary between our company, and our clients or prospects. The blog will discuss various elements of medical marketing, sales techniques, SEO and medical website design considerations that will help medical professionals to increase their marketing reach, effectiveness and close more sales.

We will be adding more articles in the coming weeks to discuss various elements of Internet Marketing, website design and Search Engine Optimization, and how to use these elements to turn your website into an inbound lead generating machine.

About Omni Medical Marketing:

Omni Medical Marketing offers professional website design, Search Engine Optimization, call tracking and sales conversion consulting for medical professionals. Our goal is to build a functional, aesthetically pleasing website that is totally optimized for the main search engines. We then begin an aggressive Internet marketing and promotion campaign that moves that website to the top of the 3 major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Some of our main practice areas are plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, OBGYN’s and other specialized independent medical professionals.

Contact us to put your website at the top of the major search engines and start increasing your sales today!