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The Omni Advantage is simple – we provide the services our clients want, nothing more and nothing less. Not every market is the same, not every medical practice, bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, etc. is the same. Why should online marketing companies only offer you one package without understanding your needs and desires?

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New Website for Longwood Plastic Surgery

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Omni Medical Marketing is proud to announce the launch of our new website for Longwood Plastic Surgery! After spending time trying to create a website that was both innovative and still stayed true to the theme at Longwood Plastic Surgery, we were able to create a perfect balance of the old and the new. One of the best parts about our jobs here at Omni Medical Marketing is that we get to work side-by-side with our clients to create a masterpiece, and we absolutely adore this new website!

Even though their old website was clean-looking, there was virtually no place to click once they were on their page. One of our greatest successes when creating this website was making it easier to navigate through, with many “call-to-actions” that help to engage potential patients.

Longwood Plastic Surgery is now 15 years young, but with over 40 years of combined experience among their board-certified physicians. Dr. Morris, Dr. Silver and Dr. Reformat continue to amaze us as they share their journey and passion of plastic surgery with Massachusetts.

New CASI Website Design

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CASI Website_before-After

We here at Omni Medical Marketing are so happy to launch the new and improved Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute website. Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute (CASI) and their team was ready for a fresh new look with added features that will continue to grow with them. Our design and development team here at Omni Medical Marketing had so much fun with this website. You can truly see how much our team enjoys their jobs and just how talented they are with this amazing new website.

Dr. Stefan Szczerba is double board-certified in general and plastic surgery. Dr. Stefan and his team wanted a clean and modern website that showcased all of Dr. Stefan’s amazing work. One big factor that was wanted in a new website design, was a clean and fun interactive menu and gallery. Well our team nailed it.

We here at Omni Medical Marketing are so extremely happy that the CASI team love their new website and we are so happy to be a part of it.

3 Critical Considerations When Choosing A Domain Name For Your Practice

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Choosing a domain name for your practice can be more complicated than one would think. It’s so important to find the “perfect” domain name; one people will remember, be able to spell easily. Its also important find a domain name for your medical practice website that is related in some way to what you do. Tying your domain name to you or your services makes it a bit more search friendly but also makes it easier to remember.

People are so focused on finding the perfect domain name they often overlook some pitfalls.

Three critical considerations when choosing an excellent URL

  1. Tainted domains –  Not too long ago google punished many websites for using “spammy” SEO tactics. If you found a fantastic domain that seems like someone would have already bought it chances are Google penalized it, and the domain was thrown away when it came time to renew.  We advise you check a site like to be sure Google didn’t flag the site. Usually, tainted domains are associated with types of practice that market their practice aggressively.
  2. Blacklisted domains –  it is possible that a domain was used to send spam out or was so infected with viruses that the owner let it go. Getting stuck with one of these domains can be a colossal waste of time, money and efforts.  Make sure the site domain is not on any blacklists, start by checking it here.
  3. Bad Backlinks – having hundreds of links pointing to your site can be a good thing. To have great SEO for medical practice markets are always searching for a way to get more backlinks to a website. Being popular with relevant sites will often make Google believe you are just popular in general. While good positive links can be a good thing other times, they can be very harmful to your site and even your reputation.  If the previous owner killed an African lion and the Twitterverse, media outlets and P.I.T.A Let them have it by blasting their site all over the web you could pay the price for their behavior. Do some deep searching on the internet for any domain you plan by. Use Google, Bing, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and any other search platform that comes to mind.  Marketing your medical practice is essential, make sure the domain name was not associated with something that would damage your brand.

If you need help in choosing a domain name or have any questions related to finding the right website development and SEO company for your medical practices we can help.  Omni medical marketing specializes in marketing medical practices including but not limited to Plastic surgery, Dental, cosmetic, ENT, Bariatric/Weight Sinus, allergy and more.

How your practice’s website can increase or sometimes end patient loyalty

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Consumer expectations are larger than ever including consumers of service offered by your medical practice.  I used to believe there was a lack of loyalty that developed in the last ten years amongst patient after all people used to stay with their doctor until one of the two parties retired or died. To figure out to increase loyalty we need to understand what causes a lack of loyalty. Like many relationships expectations can present a ton of problems. Today’s patient’s expectations are created in part by the rest of their consumer experiences. To achieve a higher level of loyalty, we must offer a better experience, or we must convince them that the better experience has nothing to do with the rest of their consumer experience, or perhaps a bit of both.  To meet today’s user experience expectations online, we must first look at website load times. Website experience applies to not only potential patients; it applies to your current patients. Consumer decisions are often sub conscience decisions. The most successes practice are not always the practice providing the highest level of medical care however they are the ones meeting expectations, even if that expectation is only based on experience on the internet or experience driving past a billboard or one that happens to list to the radio.

Our first suggestion on increasing loyalty begins with your website.  According to Jason Cohen (Global Technical Lead at Google), 53 percent of users will leave your mobile site if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, I know what you are thinking how quickly does my medical practice website take to load, take a quick peek on google free tool “Think With Google”.

Listing all of the ways to increase load times on mobile would overwhelm or bore you to death so here are just a few critical steps that can be taken today to deliver better results and a better experience for your potential patients.

  • Work with your website designer to ensure your mobile site is built from the group up to allow for super fast loading pages.
  • Take charge and dictate to your website company what you require for speed and load times, not the other way around. If they cannot meet your needs, give us call.
  • Eliminate what is not needed for mobile. For example, most users will not be complete lengthy forms on their cell phone, give them an option to email those forms to themselves instead.

Use quality hosting. While some hosting companies may offer a great monthly or yearly price your losing tons of money every time a website visitors leave your site because of your cheap hosting.

To wrap up speed matters.  Designing and developing a world-class site for your medical practice is critical in building loyalty but remember amazing content, photos and videos mean nothing if people leave before they have load on their device.  Meet expectations and see more new patients in your practice this week.

If you would like to learn more about site load times and to see if your  patients are going to a competitor with a faster site , Contact Omni Medical Marketing today.

Is Your SEO Up To Date For The New Technology

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Is Your SEO Up To Date With The New TechnologyHow long has it been since you set up or updated the SEO on your website? Well with this day in age your digital marketing and SEO efforts must be constantly changing to match the newest coolest pieces of technology. Even if you updated your SEO last year it is already time to go though and make adjustments again.

A few of the hottest pieces of new technology on the market today are the Google Home and the Amazon Echo. The Google home and Amazon Echo are both voice activated home assistants. They work off voice commands and can answer your questions, remind you to do tasks and even search for places and or items on the internet. With this new technology hitting the market and being as popular as it is, your digital marketing and SEO efforts need to be properly set up, so that search engines can find and see your company’s information fast and easy. Without it your company can be lost due to the times.

Not just one aspect of SEO or digital marketing is going to help in the long run. Sure it might jump up your rankings fast and you will be ecstatic about that. But the main goal is to get your site ranked in the top positions and keep it up there. If you only do parts or a single item of digital marketing or SEO you will see your ranking success to be short lived.

The first step is to handle all of the SEO basics. This includes the Title Tags and Meta Description for all the pages just not the main home page. From there you jump in and getting even deeper with Internal Links, Header Tags and ALT Tags. But before you can even think about starting this process you need to have a true understanding of your business and your market. Right now, you might be wondering, well it is my business I am going to know all the information I need, WRONG. Every day I talk with different business owners to better understand their business and marketing needs. Most of them get stumped on the questions I ask. What is your #1 product or service right now? What is the most grossing product or service you offer? What is the highest searched product or service, out of the ones you offer? What demographic / geographical area do you want to target? These simple questions can stumble some of the most seasoned business owners.

Your second step will be to check all the content on your website. I cannot stress enough how important content is to your Digital Marketing and SEO campaign. Content is how search engines learn about your business and the products or services you offer. For example, if you are trying to sell a high end facial rejuvenating mask on your website and the only sentence you have is “This high end facial mask is the greatest mask in the world, you will want to keep using it day after day.”  The search engines have no idea what this product does and why it should pull it up when a user searches “High end anti-wrinkle mask” Each page on your website and or product pages have to state what the product is and have the proper keywords through out, so that page can be flagged when one of those keywords are searched.

Steps one and two are just as important as steps three, four, five, six and so on and so forth. I have highlighted steps one and two in the SEO basics to help you understand how important they really are. So I am going to ask you one more time, how long has it been since you set up or updated the SEO on your website? Are you sticking with the times or are you going to become lost because of it? If you cant remember the last time you updated your SEO it might be time to take a look at it. If you run into any problems while updating your SEO, let us know we are happy to help in any way that we can.

Is Writing Your Medical Website Content Stressing You Out?

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Medical Content MarketingThis guild is designed to help walk you through the process.


Every website needs custom content on each page. Not only does the content have to be custom it also needs to be relevant to the pages subject. For example, If I have a page about Lip Injections and 80% of the content on that page talks about a Neck Lift, search engines are more likely to see that in a negative way.

The content length is just as important as the content its self. Search engines scan over websites to see if the content on the site is good quality for a reader. If you have very little to no content it makes it very difficult for a search engine to see your website as a quality site for readers. In general, we like to see 400 to 600 words worth of content on each page. The content length can vary depending on the page. For example, a specific procedure page might have 600 to 800 words worth of content. Were the contact us page may only have 150 to 250 words worth of content.

But let’s start at the beginning, What pages am I going to have and what pages need content. Below we have broken down an average medical practice website into a sitemap with content guild lines within to help you understand the pages you will need for your own site.

Home Page:

For the home page content, you can do a welcome statement, a brief description of what you offer and or what separates you from your competitors. We like to see an average of 200+ words worth of content for the home page.

About Page:

About us pages can be one general page about your practice in general, (Providers, Our Team, how did you get started, certificates, chartwork, whatever you want to put in this section) Average content length is 250+ words.


You can also have the About us page lead into individual bios about the Doctors/ Providers and team members. With this path you will still need to 250+ words for the main about us page and then 250+ words for each Doctors/ Providers and team members page.

Procedures & / Or Treatments:

For Procedures & / Or Treatments pages this is where you will need to get more in-depth with each page. Each Procedures & / Or Treatment needs to have its own page. This way search engines can start to see your practice as an authority on that Procedures & / Or Treatment. For example, we do not want to have teeth whitening and teeth cleaning on the same page, they are two very different procedures so we want them presented as two different procedures. The average content length for Procedures & / Or Treatment pages are longer, Around 600 to 800 words minimum.


The testimonials page is only if you have client or patient testimonials to show. If you only have 1 or 2 we might hold off on letting this page go live until you have more. We like to see 6 to 8 on a page to start off. If you do have the 6 to 8 testimonials you will still need some content of your own on the page. This can be short 100 words minimum making some general statements about your clients or patients and what they are saying about you.

Patient Info:

The Patient Info page is one that you can customize with the information you would like to supply to you patients. You can include; What to expect on your first visit, what insurance do we except, payment plans, in case of emergency, office hours, new patient forms, Information of that nature.

Content length for Patient Info pages can vary, but with all the different information included we like to see the length around 400 to 500 words. The content length would not include any downloadable forms or links to outside sources if you have any.


Just like the Testimonials page we would hold off on making the Blog page go live until you have a couple that can already be posted. We like to see 2 to 3 blog posts already written and posted to the blog page before it goes live.  As for added content besides blog posts you do not need any. Your blog posts take place of your custom content for this page.

As for writing blog posts it is very similar to writing content for a page. It need to be relevant to what the website is about. For example, an ENT should not have a blog post strictly about carpet cleaning. But they can have a post about Spring cleaning and how that can help with your allergies during allergy season. Each blog post can have its own subject if it is relevant to the site. Blog lengths can vary, but to start off, again we would like to see 2 to 3 blog posts at a minimum of 400 words in content length.

Contact us:

You do not need paragraphs worth of custom content on the Contact us page. The basic company information (For Example your locations, Map, Phone Numbers, and contact form) takes the place of some of the content needed. You still do want around 50 words stating information about the listed information below. For example, “We have 4 convenient locations in the _____ area to best serve you.” “Feel free to fill out our contact form and one of our team members will be right with you.” Things of that nature.

Again, every page on your website needs custom content. But not only custom content the length of the content is just as important and the content its self. To better help you understand content length we wanted to show you just what over 1000 words worth of content looks like. This entire help document from start to finish is 1042 words in length. While you are working your way through writing the content for your website, please feel free to reach out to anyone here at Omni Medical Marketing. We are happy to give you some ideas or answer any questions you may have.

Northwest ENT & Allergy Center New & Improved Website

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Northwest ENT and Allergy Center

The team at Omni Medical Marketing is happy to launch the new and improved Northwest ENT and Allergy Center website. After a couple of years Northwest ENT and their team was ready for a fresh new look with added features that will continue to grow with them.

Northwest ENT and Allergy Center is located in the metro Atlanta area in a state-of-the-art facility specializing in otolaryngology. There team evaluates and treats both adult and pediatric patients for a wide range of ear, nose, throat, and neck conditions. At Northwest ENT and Allergy Center, there board-certified physicians and compassionate nursing staff work together to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care for all ENT needs.

With the new both parties had envisioned elegance, convenience and education for the new look and feel of the Northwest ENT and Allergy Center website. Not to brag, but this website is up and over every expectation the Northwest ENT team had. Our design and development here at Omni Medical Marketing had so much fun with this website. Every day you could hear them collaborating on how they can improve even the smallest little details. You can truly see how much our team enjoys their jobs and just how talented they are with this website.

We here at Omni Medical Marketing are so extremely happy that the Northwest ENT team love their new website and we are so happy to be a part of it.

Balloon Weight Loss Directory Launches Nation Wide

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Omni Medical Marketing is proud to announce the launch of a new website that connects patients with medical professionals on their journey with non-invasive balloon weight loss procedures.

The website is designed so that potential candidates interested in the weight loss balloon can find bariatric surgeons(and other medical professionals) who are located near them.

Additionally, users can find information on all three FDA approved balloons all on one easy-to-use website. Currently, there are three approved in the US and at least one other seeking approval.

The gastric balloon, commonly referred to as the weight loss balloon, has helped patients regain control of their health for over 20 years worldwide. Gastric balloon weight loss is a less-invasive procedure that helps candidates lose weight, without some of the risks of invasive gastric surgeries. Saline, gas or air-filled silicone balloons are placed in the stomach either through swallowing a dissolvable capsule containing the deflated balloon, or endoscopically. Compared to other bariatric surgery procedures, patients are able to return back to work much quicker.

“I think this medical break though is going to be a game changer for many people,” said Patrick Chavoustie, CEO of BSN enterprises, whose medical-specific brand launched the site. “According to the CDC, 36 percent of Americans are obese,” said Chavoustie. “I think that number is going to drop dramatically as people find out about this option.”

Most insurances don’t cover the cost of weight loss surgeries for those with BMIs less than 40. While the gastric balloon is also not likely to be covered under most insurances, it is less expensive and less invasive than the other procedures for weight loss, making it a perfect solution.

Omni Medical Marketing’s Balloon Weight Loss website is dedicated to helping patients and practices more effectively find one another, while providing a platform for individuals to ask questions and acquire more information.

How Will Wearable Technology Affect SEO In The Future

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We are in a technology world, any one that says we are not is laying to themselves. Every day new pieces of technology are released and improved upon. Within the last couple of years having wearable technology is all the craze. Wearable technology can consist of fitness bands, smart watch’s and Augmented reality glasses. Each one of these have similar objectives, to connect to the internet or your smart phone to transfer and receive information and display it.

Smart watches have become one of the biggest pieces of wearable technology, one of the main reasons is because the price of smart watches has just continued to come down. Apple, Samsung, Pebble and Fossil are just a couple of the brands with smart watches out on the market today with even more on the way. With all of these smart watches already out there and the many more to come, how will this affect the traffic to your website you might ask. Well as wearable technology becomes more popular and more advanced we are going to see that a ton of your traffic will be done from wearable technology. With that being said if you are not prepared for this change you could possibly see the number of new patients coming to your medical practice significantly drop. In order to stay up with the competition, you must first and for most check your website.

If you have an old website representing your medical practice, there is a high chance that is it not mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are programed to alter themselves depending on the screen size someone could be using to view it. Mobile friendly website’s are a must in this day in age. Not only can an old website make your medical practice look older and out dates ruining that first impression to a potential lead, it can destroy the chance of them even getting to see your site to make their own dissection.

With older website’s you do not have the capability for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like you would with a new website. SEO is the next big thing you need to look at after website design. You can have the most beautiful, custom built website out there and still not pull any new traffic to it. This is because of SEO. With how technology is today your SEO must be ever changing and constantly updated. You have to know all the in and outs for what is happening in the medical field on line. Then all of that information is put together and properly placed onto your medical website so that it follows the rules of the search engines and pulls the most traffic possible.

Who knows what is going to happen to technology in the next 4 to 5 years. We all might be looking at search results through our contact lenses. But I do know that website design and SEO will constantly be changing to match that new pieces of technology. The true question is are you? Are you making the changes to your website and SEO to make sure your medical practice is continually pulling new clients and is open to see those changes in the future.

Got Video? Video Marketing is a Must!

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Videos are a great way to explain a product or service to a client or customer. Not only will you explain the product or service within a video you will also be advertising for that product and service along with your company as well.

We just want to share a video we just did for Adult & Pediatric Dermatology. Within this video we filmed Dr. Dymek preforming a Microneedling procedure. To watch the full video go take a look at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology’s Microneedling page.

For this video we had to focus on the lighting and audio. We wanted the room to be bright enough to the video camera without interfering with the procedure. To accomplish this, we were able to set up multiple lights around the room focusing on the patient and the doctor. For the audio we know it was going to be a little difficult do to the sound coming from the equipment used in the procedure. In the Microneedling procedure we knew a light hum would be present throughout the video. But we wanted to be able to hear the doctor and clearly understand what she was saying. For this we had to use room microphone with filters to help block some of the humming sound.


Dr. Patricia Dymek at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology wanted a video that highlighted and properly explained the popular procedure Microneedling. So she called Omni Medical Marketing to get the job done. Her and her staff along with everyone her at Omni Medical Marketing are very happy with how the video came out. Dr. Patricia Dymek and her team have schedules even more appointment for us to come out and film more procedure for them.

If you have a product or service you would like to highlight and show case on your website, Video should be your first choice. If you are not sure how to accomplish this give us a call our team here at Omni medical marketing will be happy to assist you. (720) 549-9222