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Blog Content Ideas: Putting Your FAQ’s to Use

If you’ve been marketing your business online for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard the old adage that “Content is King” online.  SEO experts will tell you that having more content on your website will allow you to rank for more keywords on the search engines.  You’ve probably heard that a blog can help you reach new clients, and in the process, build your business online.

These are all great things for your business, but how can you create this content and still run your medical practice?

If you’re like most doctors, your day is extremely busy and you just don’t have the time to research and write interesting articles for your blog, and you likely don’t feel comfortable outsourcing your content creation to someone who likely has no medical training.   Your blog dies a slow lonely death…

You need quick and easy ideas for your blog posts that will resonate with potential patients and give them a reason to return to your websites.

Using Your FAQ’s to Create New Blog Content

One of the most difficult things about using and managing a business blog is coming up with ideas for new blog posts.   It can seem like an overwhelming task to think of new and exciting articles about a topic that you deal with daily.

If you’re looking for a way to create new and interesting articles that are going to be informative for your potential patients and hopefully drive more patients to your medical practice, look no further than your patients.   They are the best source of blog content that you can ever find.  Their questions can provide you with content for months.

Frequently asked questions are going to be a common point of concern with all of your clients, and are an excellent source of content that will not only rank well in the search engines, but also answer the questions of your prospective clients while establishing your practice as the expert in your geographic region.

The key to coming up with new content is to listen.   Listen to your patients and staff, and take note of the common questions that are asked daily, then create a series of blog posts answering those frequently asked questions.

4 Steps For Using Your FAQ’s to Reach New Customers

Take note of the 10 most common questions asked by your patients, and use them to write a series of blog posts about your practice specialties.

This will give you a source of content that will not only satisfy the questions posed by your potential patients, it will also give you a nice series of articles that can rank in the search engines and drive potential clients to your website.

1. Identify Your Frequently Asked Questions

First, you have to identify which questions are most important to answer. I recommend starting with 10, because it’s a meaningful amount of content and will address the tip of your question iceberg.

You can use a few methods to determine which questions to answer. You can survey your previous patients, although that’s not always the best approach because the questions are not fresh in their minds – they’ve already made their buying decision.

You can study your Web analytics, and see which pages get the most traffic, and what questions are likely to be in prospects’ minds when they are on those pages. Or, you could survey Web site visitors, gathering data in real-time.

I also like to look at search data, both the searches that people are conducting about your company on Google, and the searches conducted on your Web site (assuming you have a search function).

I would also make a point to solicit input from customer service and sales teams, as they have more day-to-day interaction with patients and prospective patients.

2. Answer Said Questions, but Don’t Give Away the Farm…

Once you’ve identified your top questions, answer them, but don’t give too much info.   Give the general answer that will satisfy most of the “Researchers”, but leave the detailed answers for a personal consultation.

You want to show your expertise, and answer the questions in a way that will establish trust with your website visitors.

Your blog readers (potential patients) should feel that your blog is a valuable source of medical information that they can trust, but once they’ve found the answers to the general question, you want them to contact you for an in-office appointment that will allow you to sell your expertise and personalized recommendations.

3. Create A Video To Demonstrate the Procedure and Your Expertise

Because medical questions are not easily answered or understood, we recommend that you create a video to help answer the question or demonstrate s procedure, then embed that video in your blog post to support your written answer to the question.

Don’t skimp on the video.

Your prospective customers are going to spend thousands of dollars with your practice, and since your website may be the first impression of your practice, you want to make it a good one.

Instead of worrying about shooting the video, mastering and publishing yourself, use a professional videographer that can deliver HD video that will represent your practice in the best light.  It’s much more affordable than you may think, and the difference between a professionally produced video and one from your Flip camera are stark.

You want to show your patients that you’re the best, don’t try and create that impression with an inferior quality video.

4.  Post, Share, Repeat

Once you have identified and answered the questions, you need to spread the message.   Get it out there in front of your potential patients, and populate your online profiles with your new blog posts.

Share your blog posts on all of the popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some of the more popular article directories.  Post your video to YouTube, embed in your blog post, and distribute to any online video site possible.

The more places you can distribute your content the better.   You want to use every possible option to expand your web presence and reach as many customers as possible.   Ask your online friends, followers and “real-life” friends to share your content with their circle of influence.   This is the main key to getting viral distribution of your content, and generating referrals.

Repeat.  If you can write one blog post per week, you are on the right track.  Blogging can be a very productive method for reaching new customers and expanding your online presence, but it doesn’t happen overnight.  Consistency is key, so don’t stop until you’ve answered at least the 10 most frequently asked questions.

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