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3 Reasons Why Medical Practices Should Love Facebook’s New Graph Search

As is the case with many of the changes Facebook has made of late, this is another change that will directly help business.  While those who clamor for the days when Facebook was an intimate site that connected friends and family may not like the change, medical practices should be thrilled with Facebook’s latest innovation.  As Facebook focuses more on attracting businesses to set up fan pages and invest in Facebook advertising, Facebook’s new Graph Search is another tool to help bolster local business.  While it certainly has it’s creepy sides, Facebook’s Graph Search takes referrals to another level.  Medical practices tend to rely on word of mouth marketing, and this new tool is essentially a word of mouth tool.  Instead of relying on people to share your fan page, or like your status updates, people will be able to directly search for a medical practice that their friends already “Like.”

So what does Facebook Graph Search actually do?

Simply put, it’s like Google, but only delivers results that relate to your network of friends.  While this does go a bit further by including some information from friends of friends, it is essentially a local search engine that only crawls specific data.  Anything that is marked private and only for “friends” will remain that way.  Facebook Graph Search essentially delivers information you could have found the hard way in a much easier to use search bar format.

  1. Referral Marketing: Facebook Graph Search makes it possible to see what your friends “Like” and “Recommend.”  For a simple search for “Dentists my friends like,” Graph Search will pull data pertaining to dentists that friends have publicly liked.  This serves as an instant referral and vote of confidence.  Now, having an active business fan page on Facebook is even more important.  The more people like your page, the more potential people you can reach with this new tool.
  2. Build a new fan page much more quickly: In the past, medical practices have had to rely on people sharing posts on their personal wall to reach their friends.  Now, medical practices can be discovered much more quickly after even just 1 “Like.”  By continuing to be active on Facebook, your practice will be able to get much more exposure with this new search tool.
  3. Captive Audience: Millions of advertising dollars are spent every year trying to capture the Facebook user.  Given the frequency that people check their Facebook page, and the amount of time spent reading their News Feeds, reaching potential patients on social media has become a goal for most medical practices.  Now, you have to worry less about a crazy viral post to expose your practice, people looking for a qualified medical professional can now find you in Graph Search.  The social media audience is a captive one, and drawing potential leads to your practice tends to lead to higher than average conversion rates.

Running a successful social media marketing program is still going to be important, but graph search has the potential to make things even better for medical practices on Facebook.  While the new addition was just announced recently, and Beta testing is rolling out gradually, Graph Search appears to be the next great Medical Marketing tool in the arsenal.  If the initial Beta testing goes well, you will be able to build your audience, build your brand, and extend your reach with Facebook Graph Search.

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