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Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design is not just about pretty pictures and a clean layout. Medical website design is the essence of your practice in digital form. We provide a comprehensive review of your existing website(s), and work with you to refine and enhance your online presence so that it matches the professionalism you bring to your practice every day. With an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional website, your medical practice can benefit from potential patients finding you as more “cutting edge” in your respective medical field.

How does the Medical Website Design process begin?

For new websites and micro-sites we follow the same process of discovery, design and delivery. Unlike many of our competitors our websites are custom built, in-house without the use of templates which can hurt your rankings on search engines. Our team builds each of our websites individually. We have over a decade of medical website design and development experience that goes into every client project. Unlike our competition we never contract out work or send our client’s design and development work overseas.

Medical Website Development

We’re not satisfied by just building beautiful, functional websites. Our code adheres to web standard guidelines, providing a usable, accessible, forward-thinking platform for you to build your practice upon. We utilize industry-leading content management systems and media-aware code.

What does this mean for you? Your website will be viewable, searchable and appealing to search engines and potential customers alike. Search engines take into consideration load time, and the heavier or more bloated your practice website is the slower it will load. A split second can mean the difference between being ranked higher. Also, faster load times means a faster CTR (click-though ratio). Having a higher click though ratio means more people are spending more time on your site discovering everything there is to know about you and your practice. Google also uses click through ratio as an indicator to judge whether they are serving up great search results to their users. The more pages and time someone spends on your site validate Google’s decisions to send someone there in the first place.

Does a Medical Website Design include a mobile version?

If you are interested in creating a mobile site for your medical practice, Omni Medical Marketing offers Responsive Design to meet the demand for mobile sites that will work across all tablets and smart phones. With so many users now using tablets and smart phones to search the web, having a medical website design that also caters to small devices could be the difference between booking an appointment or not.

Why your practice needs a responsive medical website

Now more than ever people are viewing medical websites online. In fact, mobile users equates to roughly half of the people viewing you website. If you’re looking to market your medical practice to everyone, not just half of the population, a responsive website is critical. In addition, if you are looking for great rankings on search engines you need to know that Google, Yahoo and Bing prefer responsive websites and will therefore rank responsive medical websites higher than those that are not.

If you are a plastic surgeon, dentist, Lasik physician or any other type of specialist in a competitive market, responsive design and development should be your only choice in website design. People paying cash or financing medical services such as plastic surgery will view multiple websites before choosing who to book a consultation with. If they cannot view, navigate or read your website easily on a mobile device, the likelihood of them booking elsewhere is much higher. Also, keep in mind CTR will be lower which in turn hurts search rankings.

What does Medical Website Design and Development cost?

Pricing varies depending on your specialty and desire. Because we are completely custom we are able to meet your needs in regards to budget. Needs such as a photo galleries, large page count and the amount of custom tools requested will impact the price of the website. Website for plastic surgeons, Lasik specialists, cosmetic dentists and bariatric surgeons tend to cost a little more due to the amount of pages and design elements involved. Choosing multiple solutions will also impact costs.

We provide significant discounts for those who use us for all of their digital marketing needs. Often times we are a third or half the cost of our competitors. We know we’re competitive when it comes to pricing and many are shocked to find out just how reasonable we are.

For more information on pricing contact us directly via phone at 800-549-0170 or email us today.