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Medical Website Design

Developing a great online presence for your medical practice starts with a high quality website design. Today, more than half of all internet users are using smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. This means that for your practice to be marketed properly, your medical practice must have a website that offers the same great experience on smartphones and tablets as it does on a desktop computer.

This is accomplished with a responsive designed website that automatically adjusts to the user's device of choice. Pages and navigation are simplified so they are easy to read, while still maintaining all of the functionality of the desktop version of the website.

A great website design can make a lasting first impression for your medical practice, which is why we believe it's very important that your website be an extension of your practice. When we start working with a new practice, we want to know what makes that practice special and different. Then we design the website to showcase the practice's unique character.

At Omni Medical Marketing, our design and development team is experienced, fast, and focuses each step of the process on converting website visitors to patients in your waiting room. In addition to creating a website your patient's will love, our designers can also assist you in creating a logo for your practice, as well as brochures, signage and print media.

Each and every website we create includes responsive design and development at no additional cost. We believe in providing nothing but the best quality websites for doctors. Whether you're a plastic surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, an orthodontist or anything in between, we have a solution for you.

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Unlike many online marketing firms, we never subcontract our design or development services. Every website we create is designed and developed in our office by full-time, highly educated and trained specialists. Additionally, each one of our designers is also a developer focused on converting new patients for our clients.

Designers who also develop websites are not common in the medical marketing industry. Typically, a developer will invest a lot of time interpreting what is sent to them by the designer. At Omni Medical Marketing, the designer working on your website will be the same person that develops it. We believe our designer/developers create an amazing result and in less time than other marketing firms, allowing us to save you money.

While many other marketing companies are now offering responsive website design for medical practices, we pioneered it. We have always built our websites "mobile first" to provide better load times on mobile devices. A faster load time sends a positive signal to search engines and offers a better experience to website users. "Mobile first" is the only way to go if you want your medical practice website to stand out from the crowd.

Performance is often overlooked by medical practices looking for the best website design companies. Website performance is what will make sure people in need of your services can find, view and engage with your website. A website that is properly designed and developed will never be an expense. Instead, it will be an investment that will bring you new patients and increased revenues for your practice.

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Medical Website Development

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Medical Social Media Marketing

Medical social media marketing is a great way to reach more people in need of your treatments and services. Being listed on all the major social media platforms and directories provides more ways for people to find and interact with your medical practice online. Additionally, having a presence on these platforms can help to drown out any negative reviews you or your practice may have received.

Strong social media activity sends a positive signal to search engines such as Google that your practice is important to internet users. As a result, search engines can improve your keyword rankings for search terms used in discussing your medical practice online.

In addition to a possible improvement in keyword rankings, social media medical marketing is a great way to drive more referrals to your medical practice. Every time someone "likes" or "shares" your social content, it is being distributed to a network of potential patients you otherwise couldn't have reached.

Creating outstanding medical content for your website has many, many benefits. Sharing that content on social media increases these benefits exponentially.

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Medical Reputation and Social Media Management

Social media marketing and reputation management go hand in hand for all types of doctors. Our reputation management and reputation boosting service provides a great value for medical practices needing some help in improving their presence online.

Many people think the only benefit to a positive online reputation is in influencing how the doctor and their practice is viewed online. Others view social media as something that's only beneficial and practical for large companies and corporations.

Give us the opportunity to show you how social media management and reputation management play a much larger role in the success of your medical practice than you may think and you won't be disappointed.

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Reputation Management for Medical Doctors

Having a positive reputation online will help you convert word-of-mouth referrals into patients and provide great engagement for potential patients who found you and your medical practice through other forms of marketing. Reputation management can also play a critical role in determining how your medical practice website competes with your competition on search engines.

Search engines such as Google strive to provide the best possible search results to their users, and in doing so are influenced by a doctor's online reputation. A doctor with a good online reputation sends a positive signal to search engines that their website would be a good option for someone searching for your services, and vice versa.

Our reputation management solution implements both online and personal patient engagement to improve online reputation. If you are looking for improved search rankings and a better online reputation, our solution is exactly what you need.

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At Omni Medical Marketing, we think it's incredibly important that your website be an extension of you and your medical practice. For this reason, we make sure every website we create has the same branding and "feel" that patients experience when they visit your office.

View some of our work to see how we collaborate with our clients to build a website they're proud to call their own.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Dr. Toby Mayer Toby Mayer, MDPlastic Surgeon Beverly Hills, CA

    As a plastic surgeon you are always trying to do the very best work for your patients that is possible. Therefore, I am profoundly grateful to have found Omni Medical Marketing and Patrick Chavoustie who had this philosophy.

    After engaging them to help us with our medical marketing, not only did our site visits go from 5000 to more than 10,000 visitors per month, but also this translated into a fantastic increase in our net profit.

    This came after a dismal experience with what was supposedly one of the best medical marketing companies in the country who did nothing for our business over several years. Our services with Omni has been exemplary, with telephone messages answered concisely and promptly. I would highly recommend them for anyone wishing for the answer to their medical marketing problems. 5/5

  • Jeff Brown, DDS, MBA Jeff Brown, DDS, MBASleep & TMJ Therapy

    Over the past several years I have come to know OMNI Medical Marketing very well. They designed websites and provide marketing for some of my VERY demanding friends, including my own! I highly recommend OMNI for great SEO - Patrick taught me how to understand my own site and help others learn about theirs as well." 5/5

  • Terri Halperin, M.D. Terri Halperin, M.D.Longwood Plastic Surgery

    Omni Medical Marketing has done a fabulous job creating and managing my practice website. They have outstanding customer service with a very quick response time. I receive compliments all the time from patients about my website. Thanks for the great work! 5/5

  • Dr. Michele Koo Dr. Michele KooPlastic Surgeon St Louis, MO

    These guys are amazing. Not only did they increase the amount of traffic to my website, my conversion ratio went up as well. My patients love my site and so do I! 5/5

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